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Delta Nine Engineering

Systems Design & Integration

About Us

Our Experience

Delta Nine Engineering (D9E) is a subsidiary of Strategic Engineering, Inc., which has been successfully delivering professional engineering consulting services to the architectural and construction industries since 1997. We are licensed to provide engineering services in 48 states. We are headquartered in a LEED Gold certified building served by a geothermal heating and cooling system that was designed and installed by the firm. We have since gone on to become recognized nationally as leaders in the design and implementation of commercial geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Our Passion

We believe the end of cannabis prohibition is long overdue, and that the cannabis plant has the ability to improve people's lives through medicinal, therapeutic, and general health and wellness benefits. We are thrilled to bring our decades of professional experience and resources to this new and growing market.

Our Philosophy

High quality to us is a high level of technical expertise delivered with exceptional service.  We understand that our service and client experience is just as important as the technical documents that we produce. Our core values are smart work, care, and hustle.